Indie rom-com ‘A Wonderful Cloud’  banned in New York


A Wonderful cloud
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Indie film "A Wonderful Cloud" has been barred from a theatrical run in the New York Metropolitan area due to "graphic content," "perversity" and "extreme attitudes about traditional relationships" according to an internal leak from the State Censorship Board.

Daniel Breen, spokesman for the Theatre Managers' Association, Local 173, admonished the distributors, "We cannot, in good faith, present this to New York audiences. Attendance is already so low at independent theaters these days, showing a movie like this would basically be a death knell."

Naturally this has brought up certain First Amendment issues, and the filmmakers aren't taking this laying down. A confidential source from the distributor, FilmBuff, told us the director of the movie is "livid," and "going crazy wanting to sue those censorship board pricks."

Asked for comment, Burt Hayes, NYPD Deputy of Cultural Affairs responded, "It was brought to my attention a few days ago. I watched some clips. After a few minutes I knew exactly what it was. Trash. Smut. Don't call it art. It's not fit for families and god-fearing New Yorkers. They made the right decision," he told us over the phone. 


The distributor has released an official comment: "We knew this was a controversial film when we decided to acquire it, but to not be able to secure a run in New York is devastating." Our inside source reports they are working to organize a secret New York screening for an undisclosed date in late October. "This is art and people deserve to have their own opinion of it, without the meddlers getting involved," he said.

For those of us in New York who want to see it without counting on a secret screening, "A Wonderful Cloud" is now available on iTunes. The film apparently had no problem getting a run in Los Angeles, where it will screen for a week at the Playhouse Laemmle starting October 23rd. It stars Kate Lyn Sheil, Lauren Alice Avery, John Ennis and Vishwam Velandy.

Is it "trash" or "art?" Check the trailer above and let us know what you think!

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